Creative Door Hanger Advertising

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Published: 21st December 2010
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Creativity In Building Business through Door Hangers

Companies in today's competitive market are moving to door hangers for a new and improved way to get noticed. They use door hangers to promote specific details about their particular product and provide service details in a readable easy to scan hanger. They work for the mom and pop shop next door as well as corporate businesses that need their name recognized and in constant exposure to the consumer.

Creativity in design and desired audience are the keys to being successful through door hangers. They can be as simple as one sided, and some can even include a "goodie" bag that bribes the target to want to know more about the information on the door hanger. Some corporate retreats use door hangers as a daily schedule and are replaced each night so that the employee knows what is coming for the following seminar. Others use hangers as directional tools, or information on where to be when during a conference .

Local businesses use descriptive graphics and information about their place of business. They cater to the local target and offer details such as hours of business, weekly specials, and sometimes even a coupon is attached to the hanger. Other businesses promote healthy employee relationships by inspiring through door hanger messages or rewards for hard work. Door hangers can be utilized in any form of business.

They are a cheap way for younger laborers to market their services and credibility to a specific neighborhood. It is also encouraged to use door hangers for charity events and home businesses to get the word out about what you can do for your community, all portrayed through door hanger marketing.

Door Hangers Work, Brochures Don't

When parked in a superstore parking lot you sometimes come out to find a flyer of some sort on your windshield . One that makes a mess on your windshield when it rains, or you get into the car and begin going and realize that you must stop again to retrieve the flyer from your windshield. This is the old way of getting business information or any other information out into the area. Flyers are generally generic and target a mass of people rather than that of the door hanger which targets masses as well but in a very specific target group.

Flyers are single sheets of paper that are handed out to the masses no matter which target audience you are looking for. Door hangers, however are the new, less aggravating flyer. Door hangers are capable of doing what a flyer tries to do and it succeeds in direct marketing. Both methods are easy to create and produce , but door hangers are more effective for the cost per result.

Door hangers do not have to be handed out which makes the regular person feel less annoyed these days. Hangers also are seen by people who enter their apartment, and are more likely to be seen by more than one person. Door hangers can target specific sections of people better and make the eyes that actually see the hanger the ones who actually use the specific article that the hanger is promoting.

Messages for door hangers are to be seen and be short but get the message across. It is recommended that the key concept or business be legible and inviting to the viewer. The primary information on the hanger should be bold and stand out as well. The messages should also be comforting and not aggressive as to keep the reader from throwing it away on the spot.


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